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What are Mineral Rights?

Mineral rights are a form of real property. It is distinct from the surface land rights, and each may be owned by different entities. As such, the mineral rights owner has the right to use it as desired without interference from the surface land owner.

It is important to understand that mineral rights can be severed from surface land ownership. Many people may not be aware that they own mineral rights to the land, and if they do that they have the attendant rights of ownership, or that they do not own the mineral rights at all. This has sparked some controversy among land owners who find themselves in the midst of a dispute with hitherto unsuspected owners of the mineral rights under their land.

In other countries, this would not be an issue because mineral go to the government or state by default. However, things are different in the US. Real property laws allow for the private ownership of mineral rights, so it can lead to some bitter fights when the time comes to exploit the minerals in, say, a horse farm in Lee County where the Eagle Shale Ford is located.

It is also important to know that severed mineral rights in some states “expire.” What this means is the ownership of severed mineral rights that have lain dormant for a certain number of years may revert to the surface land owner. In North Dakota, for example, mineral rights that have been “abandoned” or unused for 20 years reverts back to the surface land owner.

This can be a boon for surface landowners who sold their mineral rights to speculators that never got around to developing the asset. They can get back their rights and sell it all over again. However, if mineral rights owners are not aware they own it, this is a waste. Make sure that you don’t make that mistake and do your research about any mineral rights you may own through an inheritance or other conveyance.

However, if the owner of the mineral rights decides to start development and mining operations, the surface landowner generally has no choice but to grant reasonable access. This is one of the inclusions in mineral rights.

If you are planning to sell your mineral rights, you should make sure that you know everything there is to know about its value. You can also choose to make it easy on yourself by getting a reputable mineral rights auction house do the legwork for you.

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Debt Negotiation

Money is serious business, and having a lot of debt can also mean being in a very serious predicament. However, there is one truth in the business world: everything is negotiable. When it comes to settling debts, bankruptcy may seem like a good option, but it is not always the best. Debt negotiation can help in ironing out the creases of money issues without having to have your credit records suffer from a bad rep. Debt negotiation is the process where either you or another party tries to have the creditors accept a lower amount of debt in order to settle your debt obligations. There are companies that offer debt negotiation at a certain fee. Through debt negotiation, late fees, interest as well as over-limit fees can be waived and a good percent of your outstanding balance can be reduced.

A lot of people having debt issues find debt negotiation very beneficial. One reason why debt negotiation is popular is you are given the freedom to decide the terms of the settlement, giving you the option of how much you can pay in every month and the time you want the end the debt. With its flexible payment options, you have smaller repayment terms, allowing you financial independence in a shorter time. It also encourages you to modify payments in cases of sudden unemployment or salary increase. Agreeing to have debt negotiation can free you from harassment from your creditors.

You have the peace of mind that you are paying for your debt and are not hassled with dealing with the creditors directly. Also, you have to make one payment, rather than to multiple ones. You can also have the option of choosing which account to close and which ones to keep open. Choosing the right debt negotiator is vital in settling debts: there are many companies that do not keep up with their promises. Although there are many controversies that surround debt negotiation, it is still a reasonable option in settling debts.

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