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Keeping your Gun at its best, While in Storage

Gun enthusiasts know how costly it is to buy and maintain their ammos. Not only are guns and gun equipment costly to buy, they can also cost you too much for repair and upkeep. A baffle strike, for instance, could cause your poorly mounted suppressor to be damaged, which could translate to hefty repair costs. Although according to the Suppressed Weapon Systems website, baffle strikes should never be a problem for guns whose suppressors are integrated with its barrel.

Buying a gun is one thing, keeping it is another. In safe-keeping your gun, it is important to note the common problems that may arise when your gun is stored improperly, and how you might be able to prevent them:

Corrosion and discoloration

Although almost all guns are created using materials that are highly-resistant to corrosion, there are certain conditions that makes it possible for your gun to be coated with rust. A gun stored in a very humid place, for instance, can make it more prone to rust and discoloration. Because presence of salt can also trigger corrosion, gun owners living in an area near a sea coast with salt-spray air should store their ammo in an air conditioned room to avoid damage.


High humidity may also damage your guns. When the air is too dry, it may cause your wooden gunstock to shrink, although this should never be a problem for rifles equipped with metallic stocks.


When left for a long period of time, moisture on your gun’s surface may cause discoloration. Moisture can develop on your ammo’s surface because of sudden shift in temperature. That’s why it is very important to store your ammo in a room where the temperature is regulated or doesn’t change dramatically. You should also clean your ammo regularly to avoid moisture from holding too long.