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Kingspoint Mullet is Graffiti Haven

Of all the things that you would want to see in Houston, graffiti may not be on the top of your list. You may very well change your mind if you catch a look at The Mullet at Kingspoint.

Houston has many museums and art galleries, but the Kingspoint Mullet is unique. It is a haven for street artists and graffiti geniuses that want to express themselves, beautifully, without being hassled for breaking the law (Texas Penal Code §28.0). Houston frowns mightily down on people who deface buildings with paint, no matter how wonderful the result. Not at The Mullet, though.

It is actually a warehouse rented by Johnathan Estes and converted into a gallery for street art two years ago. It is located on 10902 Kingspoint Rd. between Fuqua and Almeda Genoa Rd. The name is a reference to the haircut where the hair is neat and short in front but long at the back because there is a party space at the back of the gallery (party at the back, business in front). It is now under the management of the non-profit Southern Artists Foundation.

The Mullet is definitely a must-see in Houston. Aside from its size, (it is the biggest of its kind anywhere in the US), the quality of the art on the outside walls as well as inside will blow you away. Among the artists that have made their mark on The Mullet is muralist Daniel “Weah” Anguilu. However, because it is a space where anyone can put a spray can to, not all the work is good. They are all colorful, though, and there are enough standout sections to make it worth the trip.

If you want to try your hand at it, you can if you ask for permission. You can only paint on the inside walls, though , and you have to find your own empty space. You can bring your own stuff or get it from Overspray Paint Supply, which is located inside The Mullet. While you’re at it, you might want to make a small donation, as The Mullet is constantly struggling to pay its rent.