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Treat Acne Safely with the Power of IPL

One of the latest and known to be safest treatment for acne and acne scars is the IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment. IPL acne treatments work by targeting the blocked pores inflamed by the built-up sebum and bacteria, killing the bacteria and clearing the pores. It helps prevent further acne breakouts by tightening the pores to avoid sebum and bacteria build-up. IPL also helps even out the skin tone, especially after acne caused dark spots on the skin.

IPL treatments in any med spa are pretty much the same, and results will depend on the skin type and severity of the acne. It is necessary to first consult with your doctor to help determine your skin type and check how many treatments you might need. Your doctor, or dermatologist, should also be able to advise you whether IPL acne treatment is for you or you are better off looking for other treatment alternatives.

If you are considering IPL acne treatment, there are some things that you need to know. First, know that there will be some slight discomfort during treatment, which can be alleviated with application of a cooling gel on the area to make the treatment more comfortable. Additionally, there might be some redness on the treated area, along with skin peeling and swelling. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure, or limit the time being under the sun. It helps to put on sun block even on cloudy days.

Make sure that the person who administers the IPL treatment is skilled and hare the necessary training to perform the procedure. Those who are not qualified can only damage or burn your skin and leave uneven skin patches, particularly people with a darker skin tone. Find a med spa that is medically capable and licensed to perform the treatment, with qualified aestheticians or dermatologists and a doctor to oversee the whole operation.